Descending into big river country.
Amy & Arch
Spotted a local bird
Chuck Berry statue on the Delmar Loop.
He played at his bar across the street weekly until his death.
Walk of Fame
Tuxedos on Delmar
Pageant on Delmar
Ring & Rink (at one point), Delmar Loop
Cinderella on Cherokee Street
Arch at dusk
The Old Courthouse
Busch Stadium from the rooftop restaurant night one.
Met Joe
We arrive at the compound
Obligatory 'B' photo
Home of the Clydesdales
The Anheuser 'A'
Liked eagles
And foxes
Photo Op!
Escalator embellishments
"Designated Driver Way"
Met Robbie
City Museum
The Slides
The Library
Missouri Pacific Building
Amy in Art at Citygarden
Richard Serra at Citygarden
Keith Haring at the Citygarden
Box seats on the baseline
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